Dr. Matzo Presents at Southern Association of Child Life Professionals

2021 Virtual Conference, by Texas Association of Child Life Professionals

  • October 22nd
  • 11am-12pm: Marianne Matzo
  • Presentation: Talking with Children About Death
Abstract for Program:

There is a wide variation in the ways children of the same age understand death based on what they have experienced and what they already know about it. A child’s understanding of death often draws upon an ages and stages model, but there can be tremendous variability between children. This presentation will share four basic concepts to facilitate a child’s understanding about death and resources to simplify the process.

Mike Ward dedicates a song to Everyone Dies

Mike Ward – BMI Singer / Songwriter – has been on our podcast a couple of times with his songs about aging and death, and he wrote this song just for Everyone Dies! You can listen watching the video below.  You can also get the lyrics, and see an interview with Mike when he plays it live on the Everyone Dies website.  To hear more of Mike’s work, go to https://www.psychosongs.com. To listen to our interviews with him, and learn more about life-limiting illness, dying and death, please visit our website at https://every1dies.org.

Marianne reminds us “Every day is a gift.” This song beautifully calls out the need to say those words we need to say, to do the things we want to do, savor those precious moments, because all of us have limited time on this earth. And spoiler alert…there’s no surprise…everyone dies


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